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We carry 100% genuine products to meet your e-smoking needs. Our Dabwoods price ranges depend on what you’re looking for but are more affordable than other locations.


For an extra touch of cannabis goodness, shop for Dabwoods distillates checked for ingredients and vaping effects. They contain high THC and CBD concentrations and are a 99% pure form of cannabis. They are ready to inhale, so you can start puffing as soon as you receive your package. 


How about something extraordinary? Dabwoods x Runtz products are one-of-a-kind. Made with Gelato, Zkittlez, and other strains, they amplify the signature flavors – all available on the official Dabwoods website. Order pure disposables or blends with fruity ingredients to relish the moment

Where can I buy Dabwoods?

DABWOODS is a treasure trove of legit, top-quality products by Dabwoods. All our goodies are genuine and ready to be delivered within the US and overseas within 1-5 days. Whether you want to get your first-ever disposable, buy a replacement, or try a new flavor, there’s no better place to pursue vapor clouds with Dabwoods cartridges for sale.

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Please beware of fake DABWOODS. Buy from us or a reputable reseller only! To be on a save side if you cant spot a reputable supplier then purchase from us directly. We are here to bring the best and also provide you with the best service. that is why we want to show you guys how to spot a fake dabwood if you see any. The real dabwood disposable has a light pattern and a green lab symbol while the fake dabwoods has a dark pattern and a dark lab symbol.

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We have the most pleasing and beautiful cartridges among others. You may also want to try  cake disposables and buddies carts. they got awesome flavors. Our device is also has a smooth and glossy wooden tip. Furthermore, we got various premium flavours which include,Blue Dream,Blue Raspberry,Slushee,Sour Diesel,SFV OG,Biscotti,King Louie OG,Watermelon Z,Georgia Peach,Moonwalker Purps,Mothers Milk and many other amazing flavors.


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