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Dabwoods has ventured into producing distillate, it would be a newer development beyond that date. However, I can provide a general overview of cannabis distillate and its characteristics, which can give context to Dabwoods Distillate:

  1. Definition: Cannabis distillate is a highly refined concentrate derived from cannabis plant material. It undergoes a purification process that removes impurities and unwanted compounds, resulting in a product that is typically high in cannabinoids like THC or CBD.
  2. Purity: Distillates are renowned for their purity, often exceeding 90% cannabinoid content. This high level of purity ensures a potent and consistent experience for consumers.
  3. Versatility: Due to its refined nature, distillate can be used in various consumption methods, including dabbing, vaporizing, and incorporating into edibles or topicals.
  4. Lack of Flavor: One characteristic of distillates is that they often lack the natural flavors and aromas of the cannabis plant due to the removal of terpenes during the distillation process. Some producers reintroduce cannabis-derived terpenes or botanical terpenes to enhance the flavor profile.
  5. Potency: Distillates are prized for their potency, offering a strong and immediate effect. However, consumers should approach with caution, especially those new to cannabis or those sensitive to high THC concentrations.

If Dabwoods has released a distillate product, it would likely reflect these general characteristics while also aligning with the brand’s reputation for quality and consistency. For the most accurate and detailed information about Dabwoods Distillate, it’s best to consult official sources or product descriptions provided by the brand.